Brand Identity Design

MYAVANA is a digital platform (app) pertaining to hair, science, and technology. The app fuses technology and science to find the best solutions to women’s hair problems. While the objective is healthy hair, the backbone of the business relies on science and technology. The MYAVANA team wanted their brand to reflect these core characteristics to differentiate themselves from other hair companies. Asha Elise Design was able to accomplish this by incorporating traditional “tech” colors like greys and blues, plus adding more feminine, beauty-centric colors in a range of delicate pink hues. I also solidified the photography direction so that the focus remained on hair health, as opposed to standard beauty photos of hairstyles and trends. Solid backgrounds mixed with a simple wardrobe for models helped bring a more “health/medical” touch to the brand. See the full scale brand identity below.

A few shots from the final brand photography shown below. Shot by Nathan Pearcy. On-set creative direction led by myself (Asha Elise Design) to achieve the desired results based on the brand identity and style guide.

Digital marketing in the form of an event invite specially created for MYAVANA by Asha Elise Design shown below.