App UI/UX Design

MYAVANA is a digital platform (app) pertaining to hair, science, and technology. I redesigned the look & feel plus the user experience for a more refined platform. Below, you can view the new UI versus the old UI (very bottom). I based the overall style on the brand identity I created for MYAVANA as well. The project was completed in Adobe XD, with some assets brought in from Photoshop. After completion of the UI/UX redesign, I handed the file over to the developer for coding and implementation. The redesigned app will be in the iTunes App Store 2020!

former ui ux design

Created by MYAVANA’s in-house developer. There were fewer screens in the old version but the flow was rather choppy so I included UX screens to break up the flow and explain more to the user. The old version also features branding created prior to my joining the project.