Presentation Design

AT&T has an intensive training program for their international call centers. The deck below is one of many that Asha Elise Design created for AT&T’s internal training program. This particular one was focused on teaching agents how to retain customers and minimize losses. The objective as the design team was to maintain AT&T brand standards while taking over 50 pages worth of content and laying it out in a comprehensible way.

(During the time of this project, AT&T was in the process of acquiring DirecTV)

koncept house

Koncept House is an Atlanta-based co-working space geared towards all entrepreneurs, but with a large focus on African-American membership. The Koncept House team requested a brand identity that felt refined, welcoming, and business-centric. The muted blues, greys, and browns within the color palette and photography provide the business touch. The typography evokes refinement and professionalism. Finally, the photography portrays images of business exchanges and racial diversity. Combined, these elements create the Koncept House identity.